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Our Team

Onat Balta Onat Balta

CEO/Frontend Developer/SEO Expert

Pyrax Design CEO/Founder and SEO Expert. He lives in Turkey/Kusadasi. His role covers many areas including product strategy, content, marketing and customer support.

Sefa Delikanli Sefa Delikanli

CTO/Backend Developer/Project Manager

Product education at Pyrax Design, Helping customers get the most out of our products. Prior to that, he worked as a Backend Developer and Content Manager for over 2 years.

Sefa Delikanli Ongun Akay

Cyber Security Consultant/Growth Hacker/AdWords Expert

Security manager at Pyrax Design, He protects your site from hacker attacks. Prior to that, he worked as a Digital Marketing Expert and consultant for over more than 10 years.

Sefa Delikanli Selin Varis

Graphic Designer

Pyrax Design's greatest Graphic Designer. She makes beautiful designs and layouts show you before make your website.

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